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The beginning

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

The last time I owned a bicycle I was 6 years old. It had a pleather banana seat with cracks and colourful uneven streamers. The sidewalk was my friend. I avoided riding a bike until I decided to break a 30-year hiatus to impress a boy who asked me to join him. After nearly being sideswiped by a van while cycling on a busy road, I swore I’d never get back on a bike again. When one of the pedals tore into the back of my right calf, I wore that scar like a badge of honour. Today that scar has faded away and while the thought of taking my bike for a spin still makes me tremble, I chose to face my fear and upgrade (without streamers). I know when I hit my stride, I’m fully present, balanced, and freewheeling. Spring Equinox represents balance and oneness. With equal hours of day and night, this is a reminder to find balance across our own lives.

I've been resisting this spiritual path for a while as I've been groomed to let logic lead. I'd say 90% of the time I've been in my head, with my heart taking a backseat, until recently. It's time to let any restraints go. Let's explore energy, healing, and everything in between.

Hop on. It'll be a safe (but eye-opening) ride...promise.


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