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Qigong, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cultivates and balances vital energy (Qi) through gentle movements, breath control, visualization, and intention. Unblock energy, harmonize your body, mind, and spirit to create balance for overall well-being. Spring Forest Qigong by Master Chunyi Lin is an accessible yet powerful form of Qigong which enhances self-awareness, healing, and connection.

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"Qigong is all about balance: balancing the energy of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. The mind and body, the emotions, and spirit are not separate things. They are all part of you. You can’t focus on one and ignore another without causing problems for yourself. Qigong is the simplest and most powerful way to bring about that perfect balance. It is one of the most powerful self-healing practices ever developed.” 

- Qigong Grandmaster Chunyi Lin

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what others have to say

"I have never felt as calm as i did while working with Su. Her guided meditation and qigong was exceptional.

Her calming demeanor, voice and smoothing approach to healing has helped me with my anxiety.

She knows what to do with energy and understands in a way that might startle you because of how in tune she is."


- Bobby S.

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