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Is there anything I can do to make the most of my Reiki session?


It is best to eat a light meal at least 1-2 hrs before your treatment. Your body needs time to digest your food. 

Reiki helps detox your energy field and your body so drink plenty of water before and after your session. An Epson salt bath after the session will also help.  


What should I wear?


Unlike a massage therapy session, you will be fully clothed. Wear comfortable clothing. Remove glasses, shoes and unnecessary jewellery.

Can Reiki be used with other therapies?

Yes. Reiki can complement regular medical or psychological treatments. If you have a medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that you see a licensed health care professional in addition to receiving Reiki treatments.


Are there any side effects from a Reiki treatment? 

Most of the time people will feel relaxed and refreshed after a Reiki session. However, healing is not always linear - sometimes it takes time for the body and energy systems to adjust and rebalance.


After energy work, it's not unusual to experience some discomfort as toxins that were once stored in the body are being released. When this happens, you may experience a headache, nausea, poor coordination, fever or fatigue. This occurs when the cells release toxins into circulation but the elimination organs (skin, lungs, kidneys, bladder & GI tract) are not able to eliminate them with ease. The toxins remain in circulation and can affect the brain stem region. Also, as your body is cleansing and detoxifying as a part of this healing process, existing symptoms may be intensified before improvement occurs. 

These symptoms are temporary and will subside as the body adjusts and is able to eliminate toxins more effectively.

What should I do if I experience side effects?

Each person's healing journey is unique, and sometimes it takes time for the body to fully adjust to the energy shifts that occur during a healing session. Trust the process. In the mean time:  

  • Stay hydrated (drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins!) 

  • Eat a light meal 

  • Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation

  • Get plenty of sleep and rest 

Symptoms usually subside or go away within 2-3 days but on rare occasions can last a few weeks. Do not hesitate to reach out during this time. 

What can I expect during a session?

The experience is different for everyone. Your mind may feel calm and your physical body should feel relaxed, or you may feel nothing at all. Please refer to what to expect for more details. 


Is one session enough or will I need a series of sessions?

One session is a great start. You will see for yourself how Reiki makes you feel. Four sessions is a traditional recommendation and should give you sufficient time to evaluate your experience. You have the option to purchase a series of sessions to help achieve balance and wellness throughout the year.

Is Reiki following a religion?

No. Reiki isn’t associated with any particular religion, although it is spiritual in nature. People from all religions (or no religion) can benefit from Reiki and it may even enhance your practice by providing clarity.

What is the difference between Reiki and Spring Forest Qigong?

Spring Forest Qigong and Reiki are both energy-based healing practices, but they have distinct origins and techniques.


Spring Forest Qigong, founded by Master Chunyi Lin, is a modernized form of Qigong originating from China that emphasizes the cultivation and balance of Qi (life force energy) through active meditation, simple movements, and visualization techniques. It aims to promote optimal health, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique where practitioners channel universal energy to the recipient to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and healing. Unlike Spring Forest Qigong, Reiki does not involve specific movements and is typically practiced with the laying on of hands. Both modalities offer unique approaches to energy healing, and you may choose the one that resonates most with your needs.

Would Su ever combine Qigong and Reiki during a session?


No, Su will not be mixing the two modalities of Qigong and Reiki during a healing session. Su follows the guidance of Master Chunyi Lin, who advises against combining different energy healing modalities, as each modality has its unique principles and techniques. She will be focusing on each modality separately to avoid any potential conflicts between the two energy systems and to preserve the integrity and purity of each practice. That said, she is offering both modalities as separate sessions.

What's your cancellation / no show / late arrival policy?

  • Cancellation - If you are unable to give 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full amount of your session. This amount must be paid prior to your next session.

  • No Show – If you forget or consciously choose to forgo your session it will be considered a “no-show.” You may be charged, in full, for this missed session. This amount must be paid prior to your next session and you may be required to pre-pay additional sessions.

  • Late Arrivals – Depending upon how late you arrive, there may not be enough time remaining to receive a full session. You will be responsible for paying the full amount of your scheduled time frame.

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