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my experience.

​As a Reiki Master, certified Spring Forest Qigong Trainer, and meditation coach, I promote self-healing across the mind, body, and soul. My mantra is to be heart-focused. 

​I am passionate about helping you restore balance and your natural ability to heal and thrive. Together, we'll explore physical or emotional setbacks, identify patterns, form new habits, gain clarity, and cultivate self-love and inner peace. 

Over the years, I've explored various modalities to serve others on their healing journey. For the past decade, I've been practicing Reiki. I was intrigued when I learned it's a gentle yet effective way to relieve stress and promote different dimensions of wellness. Trained in Usui Ryoho and Karuna Ki Reiki, Reiki Drumming, and certified as a meditation teacher with a background in akashic records, crystal therapy, and medicinal aromatherapy, I am committed to supporting you as you venture inward and onward. 

In 2022, I sought out a movement practice and happily discovered Spring Forest Qigong. Rooted in ancient wisdom and known for its simplicity, versatility, and effectiveness in releasing energy blockages and cultivating Qi, Spring Forest Qigong has become a cornerstone for restoring balance across the body, mind, and spirit.

Aligned with the teachings of Master Chunyi Lin and his vision of having "a healer in every home", I'm dedicated to helping those in need unlock their true potential and embrace the gift of healing that lies within. 


I am currently offering monthly Qigong classes online and weekly Qigong practice group sessions

Su Lee - Qigong, Reiki, Energy Healing

Su Lee

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my philosophy.

Healing begins at the core and is within our control. To understand suffering and blocks, we need to shine a light on where the pain is stemming from emotionally and energetically, creating balance from the inside out. My focus is on awakening and nurturing your inner healer. It begins with awareness and involves setting an intention while being in the flow and coming from the heart. I use a multi-sensorial approach to healing and focus on being present. Your path to healing is a journey and I'll be there to support you along the way. 

my inspiration.

Back in 2008, I remember feeling empty, restless and longing for more in life. Though my job was paying my bills, I felt nauseous heading into work—I dreaded feeling boxed in with what felt like a repetitive, purposeless routine. I was drawn to volunteer in China and explore other parts of Asia with the intention to “find myself." And “find” I did.


The first heart I spotted was while I was wandering around aimlessly at a butterfly farm in Chiang Mai. I learned that sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. It wasn't until 2016 did I recognize this marked the beginning of a deeper understanding of life, uncorking a flurry of heart sightings along the way. In a puddle of water. In the sky. In my food. Even at the bottom of the sea. Showing up as a knowing wink or nudge; this continuous adventure has evolved into an exploration of love and all its facets. 


These love stamps flood my external world with impeccable timing, reflecting back to me what is awakening on the inside. Each encounter, unravelling a love story or lesson yearning to be told—from self-love and unconditional love from a pet or family member to the intrinsic beauty of nature. And of course, tales of being struck by cupid’s arrow, swelling with romantic love and loss. I am thrilled to discover that the act of finding hearts is infectious, unfolding as a far-reaching global phenomenon.


Bitten by the love bug, I’m determined to live my life borderless, with a heart-centered approach. I believe we are all connected, and at the core of everything is love.


As I learned to become more present and mindful, I discovered my purpose: to spread love and wisdom; to harness love to heal; to empower others to heal themselves.


This desire to inspire others to live optimally ultimately led me to Reiki and now Spring Forest Qigong—both healing modalities rooted in love.



butterfly heart

Chiang Mai, 2008

apple heart
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