Patterns, synchronicities and letting go

Updated: Jun 7

Patterns in relationships. Chronic pain. Reoccurrence of an illness or disease. A cough you can’t seem to shake.

Are relationships punctuated with the same issues and do they end with the same intense feelings of resentment (or numbness)? Does your relationship mirror your bond with a parent in some manner? Are you drawn to the same type of romantic partners? Non-committal? Clingy? Abusive? Maybe it’s time to veer from your norm and/or shift your perspective. Maybe it’s time to forgive or move on from what’s holding you back.

“Bad” boss #3? Maybe it’s time for you to put your foot down and step up so your voice is heard.

Chronic pain and diseases can be an indication of resisting change, old trauma, resentment, shame, guilt, grief, and other low frequency states. All energy blockers.

A nudge here, a nudge there.

For instance, if it’s the message of self care, do you notice any signs (on repeat) that remind you to take care of yourself, slow down, and respect boundaries? Learn to say “no.” Even if you’re the go-to person. Even if it means turning down someone you care about.

Synchronicities, signs, and circumstances in the form of a warning or encouragement will loop continuously on repeat until you get the deeper meaning behind the message and/or you take action. They will either stop appearing altogether or they will show up periodically as buoys of support.

➳ Su

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