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The undeniable power of emotions

The Wheel of Emotions was developed by American psychologist Dr. Robert Plutchik to help visualize emotions, giving us insight into combinations of possible emotions. Plutchik’s research revealed that there are 34,000 distinguishable emotions! [Insert emotion]

To simplify this long list, he identified eight primary emotions with polar opposite pairs that form the basis for all other human emotions. Joy vs. Sadness Trust vs. Disgust Fear vs. Anger Anticipation vs. Surprise The Wheel of Emotions can be used to objectively identify and navigate various intensities that emotions evoke. As the intensity of emotion increases, so does the intensity of the colour. The wheel depicts how emotions are related. I may reference this wheel when someone (including myself) is having a challenging time pinning down emotional states. What’s the difference between emotions and feelings? It is said they are two sides of the same coin and that our emotions are our bodies’ responses to external stimuli and feelings are mental associations and reactions to these emotions.

How Emotions Serve Us

Which emotion are you vibing with at this moment? Do you tend to hover around a certain side of the wheel? How about those around you? What about in your relationships or at work? Consider how certain emotional states can serve us. Anger can be triggered to help us overcome challenges, sadness can tug at our heartstrings to remind us of what we love while being surprised can prepare us for new experiences.

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