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Distance Healing

Our experience of this physical reality is based on the perception that time and space are fixed. 

You do not have to be physically present for a distance healing session. This is comparable to an in-person healing session because I am working with your physical, emotional and mental aspects by accessing your energy body. 

The following is what to expect for a distance healing session.




We will require a phone meeting to discuss requirements, which will be approximately 10-15 minutes. The actual Reiki session will take place at an agreed upon time to be discussed during the phone call. The session should last for 45 min depending on your needs.

Pre Session


  • If it's your first session, you will need to fill out this form. (This is only required for your first session.) We will discuss any issues or concerns you would like to focus on.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing. Ideally, you will be lying down or sitting comfortably. This can be before you go to bed or during a break in your day.

  • We will discuss a visualization technique to prepare for the session.

During Session


  • You will experience a guided meditation to prepare you for the session. 

  • A chakra assessment will be conducted pre- and post-treatment.

  • Crystals with various properties and associated with each of the major chakras will be used to help cleanse, activate, or align energy centres. They are used to enhance the experience and do not alter or take away from the Reiki treatment.

  • Virtual light touch therapy will be used through a series of hand placements throughout your body. There may be additional placements if needed (e.g. in the case of an injury or surgical scar). 

  • Although each experience is personal, most people report feeling relaxed during the session while others feel nothing at all. Other possible experiences may include:  

    • Temperature fluctuations (heat, coolness)

    • Physical sensations (tingling, wave-like sensations, tears, pulsating, weightlessness) 

    • Colors and symbols

    • Emotional releases

    • Recalling past traumas or experiences

    • Renewed energy/vitality

    • Intuitive insights

  • Falling asleep during a session is quite common. Not to worry, you will still receive the benefits of the session regardless of whether you are awake or not.

  • We will end with a debrief of the experience and any suggested affirmations and chakra balancing practices (along with a card reading if time allows). 

Post Session

  • After your session, you may feel a bit dizzy or disoriented. This is normal and will pass. Take your time getting up.

  • The experience within the next few days can range from calmness and joy to tiredness and possibly flu-like symptoms. As we heal, expand and release, we bring to the surface what may have been buried. As these energies clear, our bodies may react. 

  • If you experience side effects, please note that this may be part of the healing process. 

  • Drink plenty of water to continue the detoxification. 



Distance Healing
Reiki Distance Healing
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